Asus 15.6 review

9. ASUS 15.6” Review

9. asus 15_Review2

ASUS is the one of those laptop brands that offers very decent performance laptops to their customer from long time. So we will discuss here ASUS 15.6” Intel dual core Celeron packed laptop with you which is also regarded as the top 10 laptops in the world in terms of budget.


ASUS 15.6 Inch laptop is an entry level laptop with entry level specifications. It is good for the students and for official work as well. Besides Intel Celeron packed processor, Asus 15.6” laptop includes 4GB of ram and 500 GB of hard disk capacity. So with these specifications we do not expect high intense programs work such as high end gaming or multi-tasking but it can perform well with entry level programs. ASUS 15.6” is designed very well with textured finish body. Let us have a look over some of the main features offered by ASUS.

Amazing & Stylish Design

asus 15_Review

When you look at ASUS 15.6” laptop then the first thing you will notice is its sleek and fantastic design. It is craved with best quality material which is awesome. Hinge is also designed smartly. Due to textured finish there are no chances of scratched to appear over it and it offers a very good hand grip.

HD Display

One of the best things in ASUS 15.6” is its HD display with up to 15.6” width and 1366×768 pixel resolution which is above average for such an entry level laptop with cheap price. Mostly, such HD display is found in Ultrabooks. Brightness and contrast ratio of ASUS 15.6” is also very good when we take it out in the sunlight.

Reliable Keyboard

ASUS 15.6” laptop is one of those which feature a very well spaced keyboard. In most of the laptops the most annoying thing is when you press the ‘Q’ button and it is typed ‘QW’. In case of ASUS 15.6” you will find a very good spacious keyboard layout. Each button is well spaced form the other one.

asus 15.6 Review


ASUS 15.6” is fueled by Intel Dual Core Celeron processor at 2.16 Ghz paired with 4gigs of ram. You may not expect extra-ordinary performance with such specifications but it promises to deliver entry level to mid level performance against different scenarios. Intel HD chipset will handle high multimedia application such as movies but on the gaming side it will limit to a satisfactory performance if you play games at low settings. Asus 15.6” comes with Windows 8.1 operating system which is not mostly seen in entry level laptops. Windows 8.1 delivers decent performance in terms of graphics and other applications.


asus 15_Review

ASUS 15.6” laptop is geared with 1 USB 2.0 and 3.0 port. Use of 3.0 USB port in an entry level laptop is a decent improvement by ASUS. With USB 3.0 port you can transfer your data 10 times faster than the 2.0 USB port. Along with USB ports, it consists of one HDMI port to connect your laptop to external monitor and Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11bgn network to connect to external devices. It also features HD webcam for video chat on Skype and other messengers.

Battery life

ASUS 15.6” laptop is powered by Lithium ion battery which gives constant 4 hours of backup. For an entry level laptop 4 hours is not as it should be expected. But if you use the battery under low energy demanding tasks then you may get up to 5 hours of battery life.


ASUS 15.6” Intel Dual core Celeron laptop is a good choice for entry level people such as students and office workers. It is a decent and low budget laptop you will find in the market. With 15.6” HD display, 4gigs of ram and 3.0 USB ports it is a good choice to go for.

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