Toshiba Satellite L55T-B330 Review

5. Toshiba Satellite L55T-B5330 Review

Toshiba Satellite L55T-B330

When it comes to best laptop brands in the world the Toshiba Satellite laptops stand in the top 10 laptops brands in the world. Toshiba Satellite series has offered very smart and unique Notebook laptops that attracted people’s attention from around the world. Toshiba Satellite L55t-B5330 laptop is one of those unique pieces which are the combination of gorgeous design and ultimate performance.


Toshiba Satellite L55T-B5330 is one of the powerful and thin laptop ever designed by Toshiba. This time Toshiba has assembled this beast with Intel fourth generation Core i7 processor and 12 Gigs of Ram which is enough to handle power demanding tasks. To know what is inside, let us have laptop review in detail.

Design and Body

Toshiba Satellite L55T-B5330 Laptop review

Toshiba Satellite L55T-B5330 offers a look which we have seen in the previous satellite series as well. But this time it has more finished and attractive look on first sight. With plastic body and attractive black keyboard color L55T-B5330 looks cool and weigh nearly 5 lbs.

Backlit LED Display

Toshiba Satellite L55t-B5330 offers Backlit LED display which durable and consumes very less power at full brightness levels. Along with HD LED display, B5330 laptop offers a wide 15.6” screen display with 1366×768 pixels resolution for immersive and stunning picture quality. Now you can watch HD videos at 1080p at very smooth frame rates.

Touch Screen

L55T-B5330 laptop features an incredible and smooth highly sensitive touch screen as well. Now you can enjoy the amazing features of Windows 8.1 to their fullest by just touching them. Toshiba has used very responsive touch sensors so that you don’t have to knock over the screen to open or swap programs. Most of the laptop brands come with touch screen that become dead after 2 to 3 months of use. In case of Toshiba Satellite L55T-B5330 you don’t have to worry about your touch screen, as it is made up from the best material available in the industry.

Processor and Ram

For a super performance there must be super fast processor and ram as well. So B5330 is powered by Intel’s fourth gen Core i7-4510U processor at the default speed of 3.1 GHz which delivers ultimate performance like never before. Along with the super fast processor B5330 laptop is handled by 12GB of DDR3 memory so that you get a very smooth experience during multi-tasking and gaming. For gaming 12GB is a lot than expected. In terms of gaming laptop it covers all the specs needed to play graphical intense games of today.


Toshiba Satellite L55T-B5330 stores data up to 750GB on SATA hard drive. The reason why Toshiba used hard drive instead of SSD is unknown. But using hard drive has no effect on overall performance of B5330.



A lot of latest connectivity features are introduced to B5330. It has USB 3.0 to transfer your data at super fast speed when connected with removable devices. With newly introduced USB sleep charge feature you can charge your phone and other devices even if your laptop is off. With a built-in memory card slot you can transfer data easily from your camera and mobile phone by inserting SD card in the card slot.

Amazing Sound

With DTS studio sound chipset and built-in high quality speaker you can enjoy soft and loud sound when listening to your music.

Other Noticeable features

B5330 offers HD web camera to chat with your friends and family member over the internet. Camera works in offline mode as well, so you can take still images and record video. Toshiba L55T-B5300 comes with soft and spacious keyboard for easy typing and responsive touchpad. It comes with 4 cell Lithium battery which delivers backup up to 4 hours on full recharge.


Toshiba Satellite L55T-B5300 is light yet powerful machine to perform high end computing. It is light to carry and features specifications which cost very high when compared with other laptop brands. So price is reasonable for a laptop with such durability and composition. If you want to test the limits, then B5300 is the best choice for you.

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