HP chromebook review

10. HP Chromebook 14 Review

HP had captured the market once again by introducing their HP Chromebook 14 notebook. It is the time to throw away your Mac and other laptop brand out of your window as Chromebook 14 has got everything you need. From surfing the web, watching HD movies to chat with friends, this beast can deliver you performance you have not experienced yet. Chrombook comes with a large 14” LED screen, enhanced battery life, free 4G service and a very attractive design. No matter this device will make you take a second look over it. So let us have a review of Chromebook 14 in detail

Decent & Attractive Design

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If you want to buy a notebook which looks awesome while carrying in your hands then Chromebook is what you want. Chromebook 14 gets an awesome design which we have not seen before in HP laptops. It comes in three vibrant colors snow white, ocean turquoise and peach color. Snow white is one of the most popular colors in Chomebook 14. Overall notebook is coated with finished material while bottom is packed with aluminum. Overall weight of HP Chromebook 14 is nearly 4lbs. which makes it one of the lightest laptop in the world.


HP Chromebook 14 review

Keyboard layout on Chormebook 14 gives a very good experience when typing your office documents or chatting with your friends and family members. Beneath the keyboard is touchpad which has plenty of room for scrolling in all directions. Touchpad is very responsive and works very well in all conditions.

Super HD Display

Chromebook is packed with 14 inches of HD display along with 1366×768 pixel resolution .You will witness crispy and smooth display while watching movies.


The speakers in chromebook 14 are located on the underside while facing from front. Speakers are made up of very high quality material and deliver above average performance when tested with music and other multimedia programs.

Super Cool

HP Chromebook 14 Review

Chromebook remains cool even when you put it under intense works such as HD video streaming for 30 minutes and playing games. Due to its super cooling feature, Hp Chromebook stands in the list of top 10 laptops in the world.

Chrome Operating System

HP Chromebook 14 is used to surf internet and performing light task applications. Therefore it runs Google Chrome operating system which is a very safe operating system in the world. You can also install other operating system such as Windows 7 and 8.1 if you want to.


Hp Chromebook is powered by Intel Celeron 1.4 GHz processor with 2 gigs of DDR3 ram, HD graphics and 16gigs of SSD. So it can deliver decent performance with surfing internet and dealing with light task applications. It is not meant for high intense graphical applications such as gaming. However, you can play games at lowest settings possible. On the other hand HD movies will run very smoothly with HD graphics chipset.


Hp Chromebook 14 promises to give 8 hours of battery life. A test was carried to measure that battery life of chromebook 14. When internet is surfed using Wi-Fi at brightness level set to 100, chromebook 14 gave 7 hours of constant battery backup. Chromebook 14 performs above the average in case of battery life. So if you want to buy laptop with long battery life then chromebook 14 is the smart choice.


Hp Chromebook 14 notebook is one of the best and affordable devices. HP’s Notebooks are reliable and trusted to go for. Hp chromebook 14 is a good performer notebook in terms of internet surfing, light applications and long battery life. So if you want a notebook you can carry out with you anywhere then Chromebook 14 is made for you.

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